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As we approach the end of 2016, I thought it appropriate to take a look back on all the wonderful things God has done in and through the SOTL Kenya Ministry.

In the beginning of the year, SOTL Ministries (state side) was raising funds to get SOTL Ministries Children’s Home a water tank to help them with water supply and relieve the demand on the local watering hole for the community. With God’s blessing, we were able to raise the funds! Pastor Kennedy sent us photos of the water tank. He and the children have also sent much gratitude and love to all who helped send such a lovely and much needed gift! 

As many of you may know, we have had many issues with our letters reaching each other, making it very difficult to communicate. Through it all, our spiritual parents/sponsors have continued writing and supporting the children at the Children’s Home;  and everyone has been praying for God to find a way to make communication easier. Recently, God blessed us with the gift of two donated laptops that we sent to Pastor Kennedy, which we hope will alleviate the issue. 

Although we still have had some difficulties with internet connection once we were able to send Pastor Kennedy the laptops, God made a way to get some photos of the crusades Pastor Kennedy held over the summer in Masai with Pastor Gideon to us; and a few emails to update us on their behalf. Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness! 

Pastor Kennedy has brought it to our attention that the Children’s Home is in much need of electricity! They currently have no power, so once it is dark, any work is halted. Also, without power, Pastor Kennedy has to walk many miles to use the laptop we sent him, with which he communicates with us and the other pastors. Please pray for solar power to be supplied to them! The cost for solar power for the Children’s Home is $960 (US Dollars). The solar power would supply the Children’s Home with hours of light and electricity, which they could use to impact their community in new and exciting ways for the Gospel of Christ, and help them finish tasks and communicate via the internet in the evenings. 

 Now, in the past two years, Pastor Kennedy has held several crusades, which have resulted in two new churches in Kenya; and many have heard the Good News for the first time at these crusades! Pastor Gideon is leading the new church in Masai, Kenya; and Pastor Samuel is leading the new church in Suneka, Kenya, both under Pastor Kennedy’s direction.  From the last I was updated, the main church in Kisii has approximately 70 members; Suneka has approximately 48 members; and Masai has approximately 32 members! God has used these men to reach so many who have never heard of Jesus Christ and they are making a major impact in their communities for the Gospel of Christ! Please continue to lift them in prayer!

Although there is still so much work to be done, I cannot cease to praise the Lord for all He has done for and through this ministry! When it looked as if there was no way, God paved a way! And when all hope seemed to be lost, God showed Himself, once again, as faithful! 

Thank you so much, to all who have written, supported, and prayed for SOTL Ministries and SOTL Ministries Kenya and Children’s Home! Without you this ministry wouldn’t be the same. 

“For the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. “- 

James 5:16

Please continue to pray for us as we work together for the Kingdom of God and ministering to a lost and dying world the Good News of Jesus Christ!

In Christ’s Love, 

Michelle Tidd
SOTL International Communications Liaison
Sword of the Lord Ministries

P.S. ___ All photos sent throughout the year will be posted on the website soon. Also, the photos will also be posted on our Facebook page. If you have any questions concerning the SOTL Ministries Kenya ministry, please feel free to contact me via email at michelle@swordofthelordministries.org

Also, if you are interested in sending a donation to help our Kenya family, please go to our “Donate Now”paypal link on our Home Page and specify “Kenya” with your donation.



Pastor Kennedy

 Pastor Kennedy Ondieki

My Testimony

Greetings! My name is Kennedy Ondieki. I am the Senior Pastor of Sword of the Lord Ministries- Kenya Branch. I have always had the ability to remember things from my very early childhood. This special gift has often brought me comfort at times of need, and it has also helped me through the most important decision I have ever made in my life. I remember as a child learning of Jesus Christ in the nursery school at Riajome community school in Kisii. I remember the songs we sang about how Jesus loved us, and how he cared about every one of us. I have always known that He is my Savior and Redeemer and I have always felt like He has been part of every aspect of my life. I remember those times with much joy, and if I could describe them in simple terms, I would tell you that they were days of sunshine and happiness.

 When I was five years old, my mother joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. She had a friend down the street who got her interested by telling her about the Mormon Church. My mother started taking us to the Mormon Church on a regular basis, but my father refused to join the church. After 2 months of attending the LDS Church, my parents divorced. From that point on, it’s like a cloud came over me and blocked the “sunshine” of Jesus’ love that I had in my life before the Mormon Church. As a young child, I was taught the Mormon Church history. I knew the church as the only true church on the face of the earth. I was told that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I rarely heard testimonies about Jesus Christ, or that He is our Savior. I didn’t understand why the Mormon Church did not preach Jesus as the Savior of the world; Jesus, whom I used to sing about when I was in my nursery school.

As I got older, there were more and more things I found that I disagreed with regarding the Mormon teachings. When I would ask questions about something I was told not to question the leaders of the church. If I didn’t agree with something someone said, I was told that I just had to accept what the person said was from God and that it was His word. We were to never question or disagree with the leaders of the church.

Over the years, I heard more and more things I didn’t understand and didn’t agree with. I was constantly battling these feelings. After sometime, my mother lost interest in the church and decided to stop attending. She didn’t know exactly why, but she felt that something was wrong with the church. I thanked God in my heart because I feared telling my mum that I was leaving the Mormon Church. I saw it as God’s plan for us to change from Mormonism. I left the church, which I had attended for 10 years, I just prayed to God during this time; searching for the truth.

After I left the Mormon Church, I began to contemplate what my beliefs truly were. So, I decided that I should find out for myself exactly what I believed in. I started reading the Bible, and comparing the Book of Mormon to it. I found 19+ things in the Mormon Church doctrine that I disagreed with and that didn’t line up with the Bible. These things made me leave everything the church taught me completely, because I believed that it was not the true church. In the months that followed, I continued reading about the church, and it was if things were opened to my eyes as to the true meaning of church doctrine and the goals of the church, and the deceptive ways that the Mormon Church uses to “convert” people all over the world.

The following list is just some of the many reasons why I don’t believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and why I chose to end my membership with the church.

-The false teaching discrediting the Bible.

-The false teaching that children will be given to others in heaven if their parents are not married in the temple.

-The false prophecy of polygamy

After realizing that there were too many things that didn’t make sense to me, when everything in the Bible makes sense to me, I said a prayer to God and told Him that I couldn’t be a member of the LDS church anymore because, as a son of His, I could not accept the ideals I was finding in the Mormon Church and their doctrines. I told Him I was going to leave the church and find a place where I felt that the teachings of Jesus Christ were taught. I felt nothing less than total acceptance and love from Him, and started on my search to find what I was looking for. I stopped attending any church and began just praying and reading my bible in my home.

It was after nearly10 years of reading the Scriptures and praying on my own, that God spoke to me about starting my own fellowship, teaching principles from the Bible. It was difficult to start the bible study, but I had faith in God that all was possible. I had full confidence that God was with me and all was possible. My mother also left the church and we started a bible study in my house with my mum, my wife, and my children. We met every Sunday for bible study. Soon, we received visitors every Sunday and our numbers grew; growing from 5 to 34 people in a short period of 3 months. My house became too small to hold bible study in and I decided to construct a temporary structure for our study. In a period of 5 months, God led another group of 26 people to our fellowship from the Mormon Church. The people shared with us their testimonies about how they left the Mormon Church because of their false teachings. This was really wonderful and this made me understand that God really was with us and wanted to use me to reach lost souls for the real Jesus. They all joined our fellowship and we are still receiving more converts from the Mormon Church. The Mormon Church was not happy with me because people were leaving their church to join our bible study. They began looking for ways to destroy my ministry, but since God is with us, they haven’t succeeded. They took me to court and accused me of stealing their members. While the court did an investigation, I was imprisoned for these false claims for a period of 1 month, but the court found that the members came voluntarily and the case was withdrawn. Still, the local Mormon Church is jealous of us, but we love them and we hope they will come to know Christ and turn to Him.

Since our numbers at the bible study were growing, we started praying, asking God to point us to a church that will help us in our spiritual growth and mentor us. After much prayer and fasting, God led us to Sword of the Lord Ministries, which has been of help to us; both spiritually and physically. We are honored to be part of this wonderful ministry and together we can reach many lost souls here in Kenya and Africa, at large. Now Sword of the Lord Ministries- Kenya is growing spiritually and we are being blessed with Pastor Wes’s sermons. We thank God for the way He is using modern technology [the internet] to connect His people around the world. Sword of the Lord Ministries started from something small, but now it has branches in Kenya-Africa.   Today, I realize that I had been a prisoner of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that now, after 28 years, I am free; free in the love of Jesus Christ. I had been scared before I left the church. Scared of being lonely, not knowing where to turn, not knowing if I was going to go to hell for leaving the Mormon Church. But looking back, I have never felt so loved and protected before in my life. Jesus Christ has come into my life and given me more than I could ever ask for. He freely gave His love and grace.

Please, as you visit this website leave a word of prayer to Sword of the Lord Ministries Kenya.

Thank you very much and may God bless you abundantly,

 Pastor Kennedy Ondieki

Sword of the Lord Ministries-Kenya.

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  •  Kenya has the third highest number of HIV/AIDS orphans in the world, estimated at 890,000.
  •  Kenya has a shockingly large number of HIV/AIDS victims.  Many mothers and fathers leave their young ones with neighbors or grandparents. This causes a heavy burden on the caretakers because of their limited ability to care for an additional child. More than 1000 people die daily due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya, this doesn’t include the number of deaths caused by Malaria, accidents, tribal (ethnic) wars and other diseases.  Statistically, the number of orphans is growing, in Kenya, and Africa as a whole.
  • Kenya has 0.16% of these orphans. 1 million orphans are living either in the streets, with the villagers, or with relatives in Kenya.  More than 27 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and, as the disease progresses, likely to leave more than 2 million orphaned children.  As this epidemic increases, there will be innumerable orphans wandering in the streets of Kenya. These destitute children are found in villages and on city streets.
  • Several things can happen to children when their parents die from HIV and AIDS related causes. It is very common, in many Kenyan streets and villages, to find these destitute children along the highways and on the street corners desperately begging for a shilling. Some live at the municipal town garbage bins where they scavenge for any remains of scraps of food. Others will be found sniffing glue, as a way to kill hunger pains. Many of the young girls start prostitution at a very early age, as young as 10 years old, to seek a living. Other street children turn into pick-pockets and thieves.

 My dear brothers and sisters, take a moment and pray for these orphans. Your prayers are very much appreciated will make a change.

                                     Our Orphanage History

Let me start by saying that our orphanage itself hasn’t much history. The dream and concept, however, have been deeply rooted in us for a while.

         My wife, Lucy, and founder of our orphanage, was once herself an orphan. Although she stayed in the streets for only three weeks, her experience impacted her life far more than anyone could imagine. After the death of her parents, my wife had no one to take care of her and she decided to go live on the streets. At that time, she was only 4 years old. She was the youngest and only girl living on the streets at that time. She was adopted by a wonderful family only three short weeks after she began staying on the streets. Over the years, reflecting on what it truly meant to be an orphan, she began to dream about one day building an orphanage. It wasn’t until we met that the realization of that dream would begin to take shape. She knew it well; how hard it is to survive on your own as an orphan. She was aware of the pain attached to being an orphan. Although she did not stay long in the streets, she was very aware how the street children find it hard to get food.

                                  How It Got Started

When we would evangelize in the streets of Kisii, my wife would minister to the children who would stop her and ask her for food. There were so many children lying on the sidewalk up against the buildings. These children asked her for “CHAKULA”, a Swahili word for food. There were so many of the street boys and girls. As we walked around, there were many dirty children who begged for food from us and other people passing by. Many people did not bother on them but my wife used to buy some bananas and give them to the children, not knowing that God was preparing her to help these children. My wife’s heart went out to these children and she started thinking about starting an orphanage home to help the children.

 She shared with me her heart to help the orphans by starting an orphanage. After witnessing the sufferings in the streets, we fell into a time of grief and confusion. We were desperately trying to figure out what we were to do about the suffering that we saw in the streets.  After several weeks of praying, fasting, and Godly counsel, God made it clear to us that He had been preparing us for years to start an orphanage.

 We started the orphanage in faith, believing and trusting God would provide. I shared the idea of the orphanage ministry with the church. The church was interested in helping us, but most of the church members are widows who also find it difficult to feed their families. But out of their deep poverty and kindness, they gave of the little they had to help feed the orphans. What we received from the church wasn’t enough to feed the children and these orphans would go to bed hungry, but we trusted the Lord for provision. In the year 2007-2008, Kenya faced a very controversial election. Violence broke out that resulted in many people killed. The number of orphans doubled in Kenya. Many of the children ended up on the streets. Some children ran to churches for help. As a church, we did not chase these children away, but welcomed them and offered them help. We had a heart to help all of the children, but due to our limited resources, we could only help a few. It is our hope and prayer to reach as many orphans as possible, but this will depend on God’s provision.

          We currently care for 28 orphans. We truly believe that our God hears our prayers and cries for these children. We trust the Lord for provision and we have been praying for God to lead like-minded churches/individuals, who have a heart to help these children, to join us by praying and helping us support these children. God answered our prayers by connecting us with Sword of the Lord Ministries. They have partnered with us to help feed, educate, and clothe these orphans and are currently mentoring us in our spiritual growth. Now, we have become sister churches. We thank God, who through much prayer, fasting, and correspondence with one another, brought SOTL Ministries into our lives. We believe they are a blessing from God and they are a great encouragement to my life, my family, the orphanage, and our church congregation. I continually thank God because He always hears our prayers and cries.

         We have a heart to reach children from extremely poor, single parent families and disabled children. Many have experienced powerlessness in the ultimate form. Their lives have been governed by fear. Fear of violence, fear of not having enough to eat, fear of having no opportunity to improve their lives. Many of our orphans are former homeless street children, who were vulnerable to exploitation from others. Sword of the Lord Ministries Children’s Home is trying to save them from becoming beggars, prostitutes, or criminals. They no longer have to scavenge in the local garbage bin for their next meal. The age of our children varies from 2-17 years of age. With God’s blessing, and lots of love and patience, we are looking forward to reaching our goals of helping as many orphans as possible. In order to meet the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of the orphans of Kenya, we need your prayers! May God bless you. Please, before you exit this page, consider reading the bible verse below and see how the churches in Macedonia handled things when they realized that there was a need. You are welcome to join us supporting these children as God will direct you. If you are touched to help us feed, educate and cloth these children, please contact Sword of the Lord Ministries for more information. Remain blessed in the Lord.

In Christ,

Pastor Kennedy Ondieki

Sword of the Lord Ministries- Kenya/

Sword of the Lord Ministries Children’s Home

{In 2 Corinthians 8, you learn how the church gave. The church knew there was a need so the church gave. How did they give? Well, it wasn’t 10%, it says, “The churches in Macedonia, 2Cor 8:1, gave abundantly out of deep poverty. It says that their deep poverty abounded to the riches of their liberality.” Here was a very poor church in Macedonia, very poor, but they gave generously, out of their hearts liberally. In fact, verse three says, they gave beyond their ability. They gave more than they should have given–more than they could have given, and the reason they did that was in verse five, because they first gave themselves. I mean when you give yourself then everything you have belongs to the Lord. So, Paul is saying to the Corinthians, “If you want a lesson in giving, look at these people–out of deep poverty they gave everything they had.” In fact, they gave more than they should of, but they did that because they had already given themselves to the Lord. Now you have the key motive in giving; what is the right motive in giving? It is not to get anything. It is in that whole hearted abandonment, “they gave everything.”}